Dario Mannucci (b. 1982) is a photographer based in Florence, Italy. He is a FRESH EYES International 2023 Talent and the first author selected for the Premio Portfolio AFI 2023 by Archivio Fotografico Italiano. 
He holds a BSc in Economics and a MSc in Finance. During his professional career in financial companies, he studied Photography at Fondazione Studio Marangoni. Since 2018 he's being deeply invested in portraiture, looking specifically at issues of identity, masculinity, and the complexities of being a man in contemporary society.
His long term project - The Clearing - is a meditation on authentic manhood, a journey into the deep layers of the man's soul. The project aims to  deconstruct masculinity and challenge traditional gender assumptions, providing a sensitive and intimate representation of vulnerable masculinity. Dario's approach draws extensively on documentary photography and favors the blending of portraiture and landscape images to construct meaning and narrative. He integrates abstract and figurative features to create ethereal representations of the human body, whose boundaries often fade into a quiet, subtle, and dark atmosphere.

My creative practice revolves around using photography to explore the fundamental nature and vulnerability of humanity. I aim to create work that encourages empathy and intimacy, and sparks critical conversations on these themes. In my practice, I strive to establish a sense of connection with my subjects while challenging myself to capture their essence in a respectful and authentic manner. Nudity and darkness are key signifiers in my work, reflecting the depth of human connections and the journey of revealing and connecting with others.
Rather than providing definitive answers, my work is intended to provoke inquiry and encourage viewers to challenge their own beliefs. Through my images, I aim to inspire personal and intimate experiences that invite interpretation and reflection.