Taking a photographic portrait is more thant just producing a beautiful image. In my portrait sessions, I aim to create a safe and intimate space where both you, as the subject, and I, as the photographer, can freely and authentically express ourselves. 
Before the portrait session, we'll meet in person to get to know each other, share our goals and boundaries. It will also be an opportunity to address any questions you may have about the photo shooting. If you decide to participate, we'll meet in a wonderful location, immersed in the nature yet conveniently close to the city. The session will last approximately three hours, during which I'll provide guidance and attentive listening, ensuring you feel comfortable and at ease throughout. After the shoot, you'll receive a downloadable gallery with over 20 high-resolution photographs. 
The cost of the portrait session is 200€.  Fine art prints on cotton rag can also be ordered. 
Please get in touch with me to secure your booking.