We’ve been told that we must be strong as a rock, there’s this idea of superiority.
It’s strange, because in my life the rocks have been my mother and my grandmother. I feel I could never be as strong as them.
In the end, my father wasn't able to tell me the last thing he wanted to say, he suffocated to death. He probably wanted to
say that I had been a good son. I was there when he died, he died into my arms. He was in a coma; he couldn't wake up. I
went over to give him a kiss on the forehead and said to him "You're a great father”. At that moment he woke up, looked at
me, and shed a few tears. He wanted to answer but couldn't, his lungs were full. I recognized his gaze, he was happy like
I've never seen him before, he was crying with joy. What they call the last flame before death.

I remember one time I went to visit my parents. It was immediately after a breakup. Even though the relationship wasn’t the best, I was still devastated. I remember entering the house and I saw my mother in the living room. I went in and sat next to her, laid my head on her lap and began to sob. I barely ever cry. I recall it felt as if I was truly suffering. It was that type of crying. What I remember the most is that my mother put her hand on my head to comfort me. She never asked me why I was crying. Just hold me, you know, don’t ask. For me this was the best thing she could have done.
I think it all comes down to feelings. If you have feelings, whatever feelings they are, you should be open to feel them and let them be heard.
“Why are you ashamed of your scars? I like your flaws". Still today this is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard in my life
Masculine? I am not. Hopefully I can fake it well enough that I’ll actually believe it
I was born with the body of a man, but the soul has no sex and the mind is shapeless
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